The Sunshine Award!

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This is how excited we are!

Thanks to the awesome people at 1001-up.com, I’ve been nominated for a Sunshine Award! If you haven’t visited them, go do it. Now. The link is right there. It’s ok. I’ll wait.

Are you back? OK!

This is very exciting. Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve been nominated for something? Do you?!? This is actually my first ever blogging nomination of any kind, and I am honored to have it come from such an awesome site! You guys inspire me.  Have you visited them yet?

Alright let’s get down to business………….to defeat……….the Huns.



This is an award given to people who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere. The rules are as follows:

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  3. Write ten facts about yourself.
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So, 10 facts about myself.

1. I have an addictive personality. (coffee, gaming, food, hair dye, MMOs)

2. Final Fantasy VIII is my favorite out of the series, with VI coming in a close second.

3. I don’t know how to organize. Really. I think that it’s not in my genome, so I watch a lot of tutorials to learn instead.

4. I hated David the Gnome as a kid. He scared me.

5. The only person in the world I would ever leave my fiance for is David Bowie.

6. I am multicultural. My mom is Korean, and my dad is Scottish and Irish.

7. My first gaming system was a Nintendo.

8. When we received our first Playstation, they didn’t give us memory cards, so I would play every game by leaving the console on until I beat it. If my mom came in my room and saw the green light on, she would shut it off. I started piling laundry on it so she wouldn’t see the light.

9. I didn’t know how to cook until I was pregnant.

10.  I earned a 5/5 on my AP Calculus test in high school.


Onto the Nominees!

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Thank you so much! Be sure the check out these blogs that I have listed as well!


Video Games

Ms. Male Character – Tropes vs. Women – Reaction

Anita Sarkeesian has released another video in her Tropes vs. Women in Video Games series, Ms. Male Character, and I take back every horrible thing I’ve ever said about her. Well, almost everything.

The video focused on a specific character design that game developers use to portray femininity to the player. Unlike her last videos, she touched upon games from the 80s and up through modern times, such as Disney’s “Where’s my Water?” and  Rovio’s “Angry Birds” giving this presentation a more relevant message, since this trope is still widely used in gaming today. The most obvious and main example would be Ms. Pac-Man who’s sole existence is a female counterpart to PacMan.

How do know she’s female? “Put a bow on it!”

While the actual character of Ms. Pac-man is somewhat outdated, all the points made in this video can be summarized using this one example. Ms. Pac-Man was created as a sequel of sorts to the original Pac-Man arcade game. *Interesting note: Pac-man was created to appeal to the female gamer, watch the video and find out why* To distinguish her as “female” (because clearly calling her Ms. Pac-Man is not enough) she was designed with stereotypical feminine features, pink bow, long eyelashes, and a mole. This also brings up the point, which Anita executed very well, that the creation of a “female” Pac-Man automatically defaults Pac-Man as male.

These are excellent points that still continue in gaming today. Anita touches upon how “Angry Birds” was, for the most part, genderless, until introducing female versions of characters in their Valentines episodes in “Angry Birds Seasons.” Sporting the pink bow, longer eyelashes, and makeup, these female counterparts are distinctly different, the audience defaults the original characters into the “male” category. It’s not enough to present them with female names, or voices.

 Is the answer to create female characters that look like their male equivalents, or not introduce them at all?


Why I refuse to stop gaming

“You’re going to have to stop playing video games.”

“Well, I  guess that’s the end of your gaming hobby.”

“You guys aren’t going to have time to play your games.”

It started when we learned of our incredible life change, pregnancy. As the pregnancy was coming to a close, it got worse. It seemed as if every time we stepped out of the house, someone would comment about how our gaming will somehow cease to exist because of this impending arrival. No more gaming…. What?

Asking me to drop gaming is the equivalent of asking me to stop eating Korean food, or better yet. Stop being Korean. Sure it’s only part of who I am, but if it was gone, there would still be a part of me missing. Why would I want to do that?

Gaming has been a significant part of my being. I’ve been doing it since I was 5. My childhood is Mario and Sonic, (and those damn pigs in Rocket Knight Adventures) My preteen years and teen angst years are Playstation. Halo was college. Halo 2 and FFXI were the beginning of Ezrah and I’s relationship. Our love grew over headshots and Maat fights. Final Fantasy XIV will be a new era for Final Fantasy MMOs along with the pregnancy and birth of our child. See gaming is more than just a hobby. I have been on countless adventures. Why would I give any of this up?

Have you ever heard someone say, “Oh well, now that you have a new arrival coming, you’re going to have to give up your favorite television shows!”

Neither have I.

There are so many ways your life changes when you become a parent. Why should your favorite hobbies, your core of who you truly are as a person, be different? Why should they change? Entering the world of parenthood doesn’t mean you have to shed your former self and jump into a new person. Mom is not something I became. I simply added Mom to my resume. I am still me. I still game. Ni No Kuni was my maternity leave. I plan on gaming with my son. I cannot wait for the many adventures that we will have together.

Don’t misunderstand me. I have changed. A lot. Life is about experiences. We need to take those experiences, learn from them, and grow.  There are things I find myself doing that I never thought would ever enter my mind. Apologizing to my mom, for one. I don’t smoke. I have wicked mom anxiety. We do laundry every week, clean the house almost everyday. I budget my money. I care about the things I never even questioned before. The amount of time I play each day has changed dramatically, and I can’t go buy any game I want, but I still game.

It is important to take time out to be yourself. The {insert adult mature task you “need” to do} can wait.

Yes those things are important. Yes , focusing on your child is important.

YOU are important.





Blank Mind

My mind is a total blank right now. I’ve been staring at my computer screen trying to look for writing inspiration, and it is just not happening. Too many things to do around the house. That said, this is what you have to look forward too!


Sorting Inventory: The Bedroom

Right now there are piles of clothes on my floor that I have sorted, so soon this post will be finished!

My Female Gaming Role Models:

I am working on the next installment (I like big words, and I cannot lie) It is taking me longer than expected but please don’t think I have abandoned this. I have not.


I got my hands on some new Locke & Key which means I can finish trade 5. Excitement.


Final Fantasy XIV: Still trying to kill Titan, I refuse to pay for a win. Still working on darklight pieces, although I only have a ring to get and then I’m done with that.

Final Fantasy VIII: Replaying for my Rinoa post. It’s coming, just hang tight.


B is growing so fast. I can’t keep up! He started standing on his own without support. It is a very exciting time for us!

These are some things to look forward to I geuss. Big things coming, Big things!^^



Video Games

The Last of Us

Ellie and Joel


I know this is late. The rage has probably come and gone, but I wanted to take a minute to write about the epicness that is “The Last of Us.” I will try not to include any story relevant spoilers, however proceed with caution, because sometimes I can’t help but squee over something amazing..

If you have not picked up a copy of this game, please stop reading this, head to your local game store, and do so. If you do not have a PS3, I am truly sad and hope that this will convince you to buy/borrow/steal a Playstation 3 and also this game. (Working Gaming Mom does NOT condone any illegal action of actually stealing a PS3.. you get my point.)

I will start off by saying, if you haven’t cried at a video game in a while, grab your tissues/toilet paper/closest article of clothing, before you start. Trust me, you’re going to need it. This game will rip out your heart, stomp on it furiously, reinsert it into your chest, then rinse and repeat. If your looking for a good zombie game, you’ve found one. If you’re looking for a case study into human behavior in extreme conditions that will test your emotions, you’ve also found one. I don’t believe I have been so emotionally invested in a set of characters since Aerith died. (MMOs not included).


Unlike some zombie games, this game focuses on the aftermath of an apocalypse, 20 years after. Cities are now Quarantines Zones, where you can fulfill your daily ration cards, if you have enough. Rations are the new money, and pissing off someone of authority is probably not in the best interest of your survival. It’s definitely not going to get you any food. Joel has been working as best he can to make it, and through a beginning host of events gets stuck with Ellie, a 14 year old orphan. A resistance group called the Fireflies (don’t forget to try and find all their little badges) has asked you to accompany Ellie to bring her to her destination. As far as plot goes, that is all I’m going to say. What I will tell you is that you will be sucked into this journey with them. Rooting for them. Laughing with them. Crying with them. And if you don’t come out knowing and caring for them, well then, you just have no soul.

The infected in this particular zombie epicness is an interesting twist to the traditional man made virus, or straight up rose from the dead disease and completely terrifying if you like science.  these particular infected are a parasite. A fungal parasite that exists called Cordyceps which have over 400 different identified species (key word there). If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading about them, please do. They are terrifying. In the game, a strand has mutated to be able to control humans and are passed through contact and also spores in the air of heavily infected areas. I felt that this take on the zombie epidemic was genius, since there is nothing scarier than something that could potentially happen (mutations and all that).

However, the infected served as more of a backdrop to the real issues that surface throughout the game. Sure, it’s a zombie game, and yes there are zombies (or infected  if you want to get technical.. I see you fanpeople) but the real focus is on the humanity, or lack there of amongst the cast and even the background. Humans are the most terrifying creatures on the planet, and yeah while you’re running from zombies the last thing you want to have to think about is if this person up ahead actually needs help, or is just luring you into a position to take all your shit. (Think The Book of Eli a.k.a. we made a Fallout movie). The sad truth however is that when it comes down to it, you do. Because everybody is going to be in survival panic mode and do what they believe is the best for them. The human interactions in this game have such a sophisticated thinking behind them. It really makes you more wary about other humans rather then the potential of Cordyceps evolving for mankind.


All the characters that appear in this game are amazing in their own right. I’m not going to get too much into each one, since there is a lot of actual plot that is involved with them, but I loved them all. Even Tess, although at the time.. well.. let’s just move on. Each character has something to bring to the table, whether it be an “oh my gods” hand over mouth moment, or just a passerby. I found myself wondering more and more about their back story, how they got to where they are, and what happened to them after. I wanted to go into the two protagonists, but honestly I don’t know what to say. Watching Ellie and Joel grow together, laughing with them, crying with them, yelling at one or the other through my tv; there are so many emotions I feel for these characters, and their development is amazing. i think this is one of those times where you just have to play it. I can’t even find words.. perhaps I’m not articulate enough… damnit I should read more books.


“The Last of Us” is considered a third person shooter. You have various weapons such as my favorite, the bow and arrow, or a typical variety of guns. The two coolest things for me were the ability to craft your own items and shivs. Oh and duct tape.. lots of duct tape. If you’re good enough you could probably go through the whole game killing people with shivs, that’s if you can keep them in your inventory. The crafting system was really neat to me and added a lot to the survival element. I’m pretty sure if I was in that situation MacGuyvering items out of left over cans and nails would definitely increase your chances. The enemies had enough variety to keep it interesting, from runners to clickers to just plain humans.  With three difficulties, unlockable items and costumes, and multiplayer, the replay value is pretty high if you’re into that sort of thing.

Thus concludes my review of the Last of Us…. I should also work on my conclusion skills…


Have you played it? What were your thoughts? Did you feel for the characters?