My Female Gaming Role Models

As video games become more and more popular, discussions about gaming have also risen. Praise and criticism of the gaming industry are starting to take a more public forum causing lots of discussion about gender and race in gaming. One of the biggest debates has been stereotypes in gaming and the lack of meaningful female characters. A lot of females are seen as dismissive in gaming. To combat the negativity I have started a journey through childhood and beyond, to revisit some of my absolute favorite female characters. Context is often overlooked and I think that it is extremely important when we are talking about stereotypes in gaming.

As in my introduction, this is to be a positive conversation about female characters in gaming, and I will do my absolute best in keeping it that way.

Conversations should never be one sided, so please comment, critique, question, and don’t forget to include your favorite thing about your own role models, male or female.

Let’s have a fun, positive, discussion in gaming!

Lara CroftYuna


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