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Gaming in Real Life: Learning focus skills through Elder Scroll’s Skyrim

Everyone who knows me knows one thing. I have trouble staying focused. Think Dory from Finding Nemo in real life, and a person.

This is me every day. It was ten fold during both pregnancies. Often I would hear of my aloofness from leaving empty bowls in the stand up freezer, to completely forgetting what I was working on and starting something new….twenty times.

One of the reasons I love video games is the ability to focus my brain, and by focus I mean lead it down a rabbit hole of endless quest after quest, festering the need to jump from task to task.

It is also the main reason I cannot play Assassin’s Creed and Grand Theft Auto. Their rabbit holes are just way to long.

Bethesda grabbed my attention within the first five minutes of Elder Scrolls Oblivion, my first installment in the Elder Scrolls series. I was mesmerized by the scenery, the game play, the ability to leap and frolic where ever my heart chose like the cat girl I know I am deep down…OH MY GOODNESS! A BEAR!


Once the rabbit hole became too overwhelming I bounced to Fallout 3 and once again, fell in love. Once again, rabbit hole. Once again, overwhelmed.

By the time Skyim came around, the very first time, I still had the taste of all the other WRPGs that turned into rabbit holes. I threw 300 hours into it running around Whiterun, turning into a werewolf. Feeling overwhelmed, and moving on to something else.

See, back in my day (old grandpa voice with shaking cane), we didn’t have quest markers. We barely had a quest log. In some cases you had to buy the book, unless you were lucky enough to have the online access to gamefaqs. Focusing on the task at hand was easy, no shiny marker to lead you astray!

This is not to say I don’t enjoy newer titles with shiny quest markers. As a mom of two who works full time, I do not have time to Sherlock my games anymore. I LOVE shiny quest markers. Too much, hence my problem.

This year I want to work on focus. This year I want to work on a lot of things, but focus is a big one. Focus is a foundational discipline I need to work on in my life. It has always been a struggle for me and frustrating to those around me….love you guys…

“Well that is great that you want to focus, Jenn, but what does Skyrim have to do with this?” (Dad voice)

Everything. You see, Skyrim was overwhelming. It’s big, dangerous, and anxiety inducing. Quests, EVERYWHERE. Choices to be made! Why is that?

Well, one day I was standing in a town trying to find a marker on my mini map for a quest that peaked my interest.

I tried one direction, checked my map, and try another direction, but could not for the life of me figure out which way I was supposed to be going. Every direction I turned seemed to be the wrong one. So, what was my problem?

ALL MY QUEST MARKERS in Skyrim on the Nintento Switch

Do you see ALL those markers?

Yes, that is my problem and I see that now. Before you judge, let me explain.

You see, looking at it now seems pretty obvious, but I had no idea how many quests I had open, until I stopped and focused enough to truly see why I was failing to find the one I was working towards.

I figured turning off the major qyest lines would fix my problem, so I went down the list, but left the Miscellaneous quest category in case I stumble upon some little baby quest marker.

One quest and Misc. quests marked in Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch

That’s a little better, but there are still enough distraction to keep me from finding my task on hand efficiently, which is costing me precious gaming time.

One quest open in Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch

Well of course! I mean having only one quest marker on obviously will make it easier to find that one quest! Why is this taking a whole blog post?

Well, because sometimes it isn’t obvious. Sometimes youre so busy adventuring without a plan because all you know is you have an hour before the kids start fighting. Each time I start her up, I wonser around without a plan until something catches my eye. This means my Kajiht spends a lot of time dying simply because my immersion is not there. Focusing on one quest at a time, including little baby quests, is a way I can maximize that chance I get to game.

Bringing it back to real life, having goals is awesome but turning on all your goals at once can lead to chaos and feelings of being overhwlemed. Even small goals that feel like no big deal can add up quickly to become distracting, and honing in your focus on one task or goal at a time is something I’m trying to focus on in February.

Vetiver, Cedarwood, and Lavender are my favorite essential oils to use in a roller bottle to help me focus. Besides smelling amazing together, my brain tones down when I roll some on my toes and the back of my neck.

These bottle labels are the best in town 😉

While the oils do the trick, focusing does me no good when it is on the wrong things. This is where my brain power comes in to make sure my focus is directed toward being in the moment and present in whatever I am doing. Taking a step back in Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls: Skyrim helped me recenter my focus into the game and be more productive with the time I have gaming. These concepts can be applied in the real world, whether it is focusing on time with my family, gaming, working, or school. My time will be better utilized if I use focusing as a discipline to achieve my goals.

Any  thought about your goals for February? Is focusing one of them? How are some ways your hobbies have enhanced your real life?

Note about essential oils:  If you are interested in learning more or just want to chat about oils feel free to connect with me. Let’s achieve our best selves as we journey through this life with an open heart! ❤

Disclaimer: I don’t own the games, movies or systems mentioned on my blog. All rights and copyrights ect. belong to their respective owners.


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Accessory Review: The Nintendo Switch Backpack

If you’re picking up the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo Switch backpack is worth grabbing.

It’s worth picking up even if you’re not planning on getting the Switch.

It is that good.

Guys, I'm drooling...

At first glance it looks like an ordinary backpack. Simple. Elegant. Nicely padded for the shoulders.

Look at all the space!
For those that parent, it’s also big enough to double as a diaper / kids stuff bag. 

Not only does it have 4 zippers on the outside, it is completely built specifically for your console on the inside. What Nintendo system is complete without a sweet carrying case to show it off to all of your friends?

Just look at it!!
Just look at those joy-con pockets!

It is meant to not only keep your Nintendo Switch safe as you bring it everywhere with you, but also functions as a “carry almost anything else you can think of” bag. The Switch backpack console pouches have a felt lining to keep your items safe. It it even has a pocket for a pro controller.



The usefulness doesn’t stop there. Whenever we go on long car rides, or away for the weekend, we use it as our “tech bag”. With two sets of joy-cons, you have a couple extra pouches for chargers, tablets, phones, which all benefit from the nice felt lined pouches.



If you are not buying a Nintendo Switch, but know someone who is, get them a Switch backpack. They will always have a convenient way to bring their system over! 😉



Love your Nintendo Switch Back Pack? Do you use it for other things then holding the Switch? Comment below and don’t forget to follow if you would like to see more posts on accessories I’m into!


Disclaimer: Nintendo doesn’t know who I am. All opinions on my blog are my own and I don’t get any monies no matter what you do.

I just love sharing the things I love! ✌

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10 reasons the Nintendo Switch is the console to buy this year

This holiday season, there are so many consoles and accessories to choose from. It seems the past few years, Nintendo hasn’t been a contender in the consoles wars. I am happy to announce this year, that Nintendo has out done themselves. Here are my 10 reasons a Switch needs to be in your life.

Look at how cute they are!

10. The Cartridges are back

As an avid gamer from the early 90s, cartridges exude nostalgia right away. The games come in these little cute cartridges! Yes, I know that the 3DS also use cartridges, but I don’t have one….yet.

9. Kid Friendly Games

Nintendo’s games tend to be more family friendly compared to their competitors. While the game library at the moment is small, the titles they are focusing on are games my kids can get into, while also having challenging enough elements to still be interesting for adults.

8. Decent Specs for a decent price

At $299.99, the Nintendo Switch is not going to break your bank compared to the other options out there this season. While the on board screen is 720p, with 1080p capability as a console. Not only does this put the Switch at a comparable resolution as the other consoles, but also blows the other handhelds on the market.

7. The controllers are great for little hands (or big ones)

Does anyone remember the N64 controller? What about the original Xbox and how fucking ginormous they were? Maybe you were excited for those controllers because you have freakishly huge hands.

Whatever your hand size, the Switch is for you! Choose whatever controller style! Motion controls? Ok! Not for you? Also ok! Do you want a console like controller? They have accessories for that, or you can get the Pro Controller.

Whatever your controller preference or hand size, whether you are 4 or 40, the Nintendo Switch has a mode for you. The colors are pretty sick, too.

6. No more fighting for the TV.

As the oldest of four siblings, ever since I can rememebr, we were fortunate enough to always have two TVs in the house. One I would designate for gaming, and one for the family.

As a parent without the extra income for such a luxury, we have tried multiple set ups while trying to stay kids friendly. Two little ones that need attention, make immersion almost impossible, adult content games unplayable and being locked away in a room somewhere is not an option.

With the versatility of the Switch, not only am I able to play titles that otherwise would be off limits, I can choose not to be a TV hog, and allow other people in my household use it.

5. It’s the ultimate parent gaming device.

For all reasons mentioned above. Period.

Dad playing Overwatch, B playing Mario Kart and, N being N..

4. Nostalgia / Nintendo Exclusives

This may sound cheesy, but I am excited about this new wave of nostalgic things from my childhood. It allows me to heal my Inner Child, share it with a new generation.

Bonus: Kids give me the excuse to spend money on all of it.

Introducing my four year old to Super Mario Odyssey has opened a new adventure for us as a family. His interest in the newest Mario games gave us the excuse to introduce him to all the old classics, which he also loves.

With the latest announcement of Megan Man 11 and Super Metriod’s upcoming release, the excitement I have bringing these titles to the next generation cannot be contained in this paragraph. Come on Mario Party!

So many memories!

3. Multiplayer / Party games.

I love party games. I love LAN parties too, but nothing beats 4 people squeezed around a small ass TV fighting for the road. (We played a lot of Crash Bandicoot CTR growing up).

Pick up a copy of Mario Kart, or Snipperclips, and never have a dull dinner again. Whip out that system and those joy cons, and relive the old time fun of huddling around a small screen.

I also highly suggest the Nintendo Switch backpack.

It’s so good, it deserves it’s own post.

2. Mobility.

My favorite thing about the Nintendo Switch is the mobility. While I am excited to see what Nintendo has in store for the 3DS, I am glad we chose to invest in the Switch. The ability to treat it as a hand held, while still choosing controller play style, makes this THE most versatile console on the market.

1. It is okay to be a Nintendo fan, again!

I don’t endorse peer pressure. 😒Wave that Nintendo flag high!😍 However, the past few years havent seen Nintendo as a valid participantk in the console wars, while holding the title for hand helds.

Nintendo has always been ahead of their time, helping to make video games a staple in every household. Something happened after the GameCube though, that brought them to the very bottom of the console wars. So much so, PC gamers took their place in the “console” debates.

Flashbacks of Sega Dreamcasts dance in my head. 😪💤

With all of the features, accessories, and games exclusive to the Switch, I highly recommend checking it out before spending twice as much money for the better version of the console you already own. 😏

Are you convinced yet?

Now that you know all my reasons for grabbing a Nintendo Switch this year, let me know if you plan on getting one this holiday season. We can be Nintendo friends!

Already playing? Tell me what you love about it!

Disclaimer: Nintendo doesn’t know who I am. All opinions on my blog are my own and I don’t get any monies no matter what you do.

I just love sharing things I love!

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Ms. Male Character – Tropes vs. Women – Reaction

Anita Sarkeesian has released another video in her Tropes vs. Women in Video Games series, Ms. Male Character, and I take back every horrible thing I’ve ever said about her. Well, almost everything.

The video focused on a specific character design that game developers use to portray femininity to the player. Unlike her last videos, she touched upon games from the 80s and up through modern times, such as Disney’s “Where’s my Water?” and  Rovio’s “Angry Birds” giving this presentation a more relevant message, since this trope is still widely used in gaming today. The most obvious and main example would be Ms. Pac-Man who’s sole existence is a female counterpart to PacMan.

How do know she’s female? “Put a bow on it!”

While the actual character of Ms. Pac-man is somewhat outdated, all the points made in this video can be summarized using this one example. Ms. Pac-Man was created as a sequel of sorts to the original Pac-Man arcade game. *Interesting note: Pac-man was created to appeal to the female gamer, watch the video and find out why* To distinguish her as “female” (because clearly calling her Ms. Pac-Man is not enough) she was designed with stereotypical feminine features, pink bow, long eyelashes, and a mole. This also brings up the point, which Anita executed very well, that the creation of a “female” Pac-Man automatically defaults Pac-Man as male.

These are excellent points that still continue in gaming today. Anita touches upon how “Angry Birds” was, for the most part, genderless, until introducing female versions of characters in their Valentines episodes in “Angry Birds Seasons.” Sporting the pink bow, longer eyelashes, and makeup, these female counterparts are distinctly different, the audience defaults the original characters into the “male” category. It’s not enough to present them with female names, or voices.

 Is the answer to create female characters that look like their male equivalents, or not introduce them at all?

Video Games

Changing Discs

As per our usual routine, B decided to take a nap.

Usually when B decides to take a nap, I get excited. That is at least one hour of uninterrupted game play! This is when I sit in my chair, latch on my baby, and get ready for Titan spamming. Since I started thinking hardcore about my Rinoa post for My Female Gaming Role Models, I thought, I’m just going to play VIII again. We’re talking put my PS disc in my PS3.

So here I am, sitting in my chair. Check. Baby latched on. Check. Alright here we go.

About half way through nap time, I get a dreadful thought, as the parade for the sorceress comes to a close.

I’m going to have to change discs.

Wait.. What?

I’m trying to make the battle draw on, (heehee get it. DRAW. ok i’m done), but eventually Edea slings her silver tongued insult at me and the ice is flying.

I save my game. Slowly.

That oh so familiar screen comes onto the television. “Please insert Disk 2”. I look down at B, still all snuggly and asleep, and then at my playstation, on the other side of the room.

I’ll just move him a little, and then…. He begins to stir, and settles back into a less convenient position.

Titan it is…..