Sorting Inventory: Entrance Way

Today I get to go to HMart. For those of you unfamiliar it is the Walmart for Asians, but with a food court. There’s all sorts of things you can’t find anywhere else. Believe it or not, we don’t have a decent Korean store, ya know the ones you could rent tapes from, and your mom went to church with the owners so sometimes she would just pay later. You know the one I’m talking about. When we went to Florida a couple years ago, I found one because where I live now, we don’t have one. It’s shocking. We have Asian food stores, but its not the same thing. So when my mom needs something specific, she goes to HMart. She wants to make Kimchi, so we get to go. This isn’t even what I’m writing about today, I’m just that excited.

Today I’m going to start showing you my house!^^

Ok, it’s an apartment, and I’m only showing you one part, and no, it’s not my kitchen. But First!

When we first moved into this apartment, I was 8 months pregnant. Everything was put into reach. Everything was put in a very easily accessible spot. Now that I have full range of motion back, everything needs to change.

The other day I started my organizing the house project by “creating an entryway”. I noticed in a lot of vlogs and blogs that a set entryway is very important. They are absolutely right. It really is nice to have a place to put your keys so you don’t have to make sure you remember to slot in “look for the keys” time when you’re leaving for work. We tried having a set place to put keys before, but with a set up entry way, you are forced to put your keys in that spot. Where else would you put them? Ok on with the pictures.


 This is what my entrance way looks like now. We bought the coat hangers a few months ago, but that is a bookshelf we bought from Walmart that has been sitting in another spot. It’s been mostly empty except for a mountain of things gathering on the top of it. In the spot there was a chair that had a mountain of clothes on it, 90% my work clothes. The first thing I did was put everything that didn’t belong in the living room, into the appropriate room.

Second, I took a big empty diaper box, and put EVERYTHING that was on the top of that bookcase into it, except for the trash, you know, papers and things that get tossed on it. I still have yet to go through this box, but luckily we have an extra bedroom that literally just has storage in it for now.

WP_20131108_004On top of the bookshelf we have our change bottles. These are just glass milk bottles that we get at a local market. Some day I am planning on decorating them, but for now they still serve their purpose! We sort change into pennies, dimes and nickles, and quarters. We do laundry at the laundromat. This method is useful so we don’t have to worry about getting quarters. The next time we have to do laundry we usually have enough.  Next to the change bottles is a 3 cup thing that we bought at Target. This is my new designated keys area, also my name tag.


In the bookshelf I am planning on keeping a few things that we need to grab on the way out, diaper bag, electric pump, B’s shoes (when I figure out where the other one went), hats, and gloves. I have to be careful how I plan spaces, simply because of B. I am trying to organize, but be baby friendly at the same time, which really limits options, but it also adds a level of difficulty to the challenge. I only have to worry about this in the living area, since the kitchen is gated off, and everyplace else has doors.

Tada! I am really proud of how this turned out. I have absolutely no skills in this department, and it’s hard to find organizing tips in the space that I am living. Hopefully this segment gives you some ideas on how to organize your own small space, by using different things that you already have. I still have yet to get to the box of things from the top of that bookshelf.



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