What I learned from MMOs about being a Parent

I am not a tank
this is my FFXIV char.

1.) There is no pause button.

2.) You can read all the guides and watch all the videos, but until you’ve done the fight/dungeon/instance you will have no idea what you’re actually going to do. The same goes for teething.

3.) Even though you can do most quests solo, sometimes you need to join a party to get something done. Example: A big poopy diaper with a rolly baby?

Spouse has joined your party! Need advice on a specific topic? Ask your mama guild!

4.) Always join a Linkshell/guild/Free Company. Find a group of like minded parents that you mesh well with, and stick with them. It doesn’t take a village to raise a child, it takes a village to raise a parent. Find your village. Ask questions, let them help guide you with answers and experiences.  You can try it alone but in the end you will need an endgame group to help support you.

5.) Learn the Lingo. (DD, SO, DS, POAS, DTD, TTC…)

6.) Everybody plays the role/job/class differently. Just because you don’t find a certain ability useful, doesn’t mean another parent won’t. It doesn’t make it wrong or right, just different. so….

7.) There will be elitist dickheads. In MMOs. In Real Life. In Parenting. Nobody likes elitists. Don’t be one. If you find someone struggling, help them. But never, EVER, tell another parent how to do their job, or that they are doing it wrong. You may guide, do not demand. It is not your child.

8.) If you find yourself getting frustrated, put your character (or in this case your child) in a safe non aggro spot, and take a couple minutes to breathe. Whether it’s in town, a pack and play, a bouncy seat. Everybody gets frustrated. It is better to remove yourself from the situation for a minute, breathe and then try again. As long as your child is someplace safe, it is ok for him or her to cry for A MINUTE. (We do not practice CIO)

9.) They will consume years of your life and life of your wallet.

10.) In the end, you will love them the best that you can possibly know how, and everything will all be worth it. Enjoy all the moments you can, make new friends, smile everyday, because you are on the greatest adventure you life will ever take you.



6 thoughts on “What I learned from MMOs about being a Parent”

  1. Actually inspirational! Love this so much!
    Also highlights to me that, as a parent, I’m definitely not in a place where I should be responsible for a character in an MMO!

    1. Some days its best to play single player games you can pause, but nap time = dungeon time! It also helps when you have a super supportive other half. We take turns raiding and being on baby duty!

  2. Brilliant post! Haha. I’m a single mum, with very little family who live away though so I’m mostly a single player, campaign heavy, female protagonist who definitely needs a special someone to take care of her and her daughter and make her think different and make her even better. Man, that would be a good game!
    Oh and since my daughter started school, I’ve only had the pleasure of meeting mums that you mention in number 7. We love them regardless because they are our children, why is that not enough for some people? They’re not show dogs! Also, no human is perfect, I challenge them to find me one who is!

    Thanks for the follow by the way, I love your blog already.

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