A Brief History of ‘Boobies’

This is the problem with our society. We see things as overtly sexual and are afraid of the consequences of that sexuality. I hope the supreme court rules in the favor of the students. This also stems into societal views on things like Breastfeeding and why many adults are afraid to have open and honest conversations with their children and other adults, doctors included. It makes me sad that someone would take a middle schoolers awareness bracelet and turn it into something negative. We should be able to have open dialogue about our bodies and so should our children. Unable to do so helps bullying in our country and shamefulness in our children.


Boobies have been around for about 150 years. Female breasts, of course, have been around much longer than that. But it’s this slang term for a woman’s bosom that is at the heart of a case that may be heading for the Supreme Court.

In 2010, two middle school students in Easton, Pa., defied their school’s ban on bracelets—meant to promote awareness of breast cancer—that said “I ♥ boobies!” After three years of legal battles over lewdness and free speech rights, the school district voted this week to appeal their so-far-losing case to the highest court in the land. And so it happens that Supreme Court Justices may find themselves focused on a word that has roots predating America.

According to Jonathon Green, a lexicographer who has published the most comprehensive dictionary of English slang to date, there are at least 212 synonyms for the female breast. Chugs. Wallopies…

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