My Female Gaming Role Models

My Female Gaming Role Models: Sniper Wolf

 I finally understand. I wasn’t waiting to kill people, I was waiting for someone to kill me. A man like you. You’re a hero.

My introduction into the Metal Gear franchise was none other than Metal Gear Solid for the Playstation and I became obsessed. I mean hook your Playstation up through your VCR and record yourself playing with all the cut scenes so you can watch it over and over and over again, obsessed. I loved the story, the tactical espionage, the tragic back story to all the characters, the conspiracy theories. I loved it all. Except for Meryl, I could have done without her. Still can. I can’t quite pinpoint what it was, but something about her just rubbed me the wrong way. I never really empathized with her, she more annoyed me then anything else.

Then there was Sniper Wolf. A tragic heroine in her own right. I always thought her and Snake should be together, walking off into the sunset. She develops a deep emotional attachment to her targets until either one of them is dead. Sorry Otacon, but I don’t know if you ever really had a chance. Her love for animals, specifically the huskies she takes care of, is so telling of her personality. I doubt she could have the same empathy for a human. Her ability to be alone, and still, for days, even weeks, fits her codename, along with her insane sniping skills. She will always hold a special place in my heart. I never really saw her as a villain. I always felt that she was going along with the motions to feel alive, waiting for her best match, waiting for the person that will end all her suffering. I wonder if she paved the way for the beauties in MGS4.

I believe Wolf is a strong female character. I never really looked at her as “sexy”, although I suppose her uniform is not very practical in the snowy fields. I know my bewbs would get cold. Perhaps that adds to her feeling of numbness from the world around her. There is no place in society for damaged people. After all she went through, joining Liquid makes sense. Being a sniper makes sense. Dying to the hands of Solid Snake makes sense. I feel she is using them for a purpose as much as they are using her for her skills. Her emotional attachments to her targets is a sad truth to her love and want of death. however, she only welcomes death at the hands of someone skilled enough to actually take her down, not wallowing on her existence waiting for someone to take her out.

Sniper Wolf’s romantic last battle, and tragic ending, will never ever leave my gaming heart. Even with new games and new characters, Sniper Wolf stands out above all others.


6 thoughts on “My Female Gaming Role Models: Sniper Wolf”

  1. My first Metal Gear was for NES, and I still can remember some of the iconic features of the game (like his cigs). I would love to play it again one day. Then I also eventually bought MGS for Playstation, and I was in love with all the cut scenes and how awesome it was (especially having played the original). Though I have to say you have topped me in this!

    1. Since the existence of emulators I think I’ve tried playing the original Metal Gear a handful of times, for some reason those damn dogs would get me every time! Now with the release of the collection for PS3, it’s on my to-do list, but sadly XIV takes up whats left of my life after B. Also, don’t mistake my obsessive nerd-ness for topping.. lol

  2. I thought Sniper Wolf was an amazing character in a cast of fantastic baddies! I love games that make you question your own actions – and few have done it as well as Metal Gear Solid. The emotional pull of the hollow victory over Sniper Wolf is one of the best moments in video games! The first Assassins Creed did this well too, but added mystery and intrigue rather than true regret! Shadow of the Colossus is possibly the best example of feeling genuinely awful for killing the baddies- but MGS is a very close second!

    1. I have a confession to make, the only AC I’ve played is brotherhood, and only recently… for some reason i lose focus is big ended games very easily now a days. Yes, but I play MMOs, go figure. However Shadow of Colossus is absolutely heart wrenching as you play it, no matter how many times.

  3. I know what you mean! I used to love open world games- exploration and adventuring about, choosing my own path! But since having my kids, gaming time is somewhat limited- so I find I’m appreciating the focus if story driven games a lot more than before!
    That’s why my game of the year (at the moment) is The Last of Us- trouncing GTA V by a mile!
    That said, I’ve just been sent Creed 4 to review- and love it! Early days yet, but I already feel engaged in its plot and even side quests than I ever did in finding letter scraps in GTA!

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