A Brief History of ‘Boobies’

This is the problem with our society. We see things as overtly sexual and are afraid of the consequences of that sexuality. I hope the supreme court rules in the favor of the students. This also stems into societal views on things like Breastfeeding and why many adults are afraid to have open and honest conversations with their children and other adults, doctors included. It makes me sad that someone would take a middle schoolers awareness bracelet and turn it into something negative. We should be able to have open dialogue about our bodies and so should our children. Unable to do so helps bullying in our country and shamefulness in our children.


Boobies have been around for about 150 years. Female breasts, of course, have been around much longer than that. But it’s this slang term for a woman’s bosom that is at the heart of a case that may be heading for the Supreme Court.

In 2010, two middle school students in Easton, Pa., defied their school’s ban on bracelets—meant to promote awareness of breast cancer—that said “I ♥ boobies!” After three years of legal battles over lewdness and free speech rights, the school district voted this week to appeal their so-far-losing case to the highest court in the land. And so it happens that Supreme Court Justices may find themselves focused on a word that has roots predating America.

According to Jonathon Green, a lexicographer who has published the most comprehensive dictionary of English slang to date, there are at least 212 synonyms for the female breast. Chugs. Wallopies…

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Let’s Make Some: Fried Rice!

Family photo 1994
Back in the day..1994 I think?

When we were little, we thought we were rich. Not because we had a big house, not because we had a lot of things, because we always had amazing food. Now that we are older, we’ve realized that we had Spam and rice for one dinner, a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store the next…you get the picture. Our mom always did her best to make sure we were never without the basics in life, even while 6 of us lived in a 2 bedroom apartment.

One of the dinners that she made was fried rice with a fried egg on top. I remember always putting ketchup on it into a smiley face, and it was one of my favorite dinners, and something I wanted to introduce my own family to. It is great for using up any leftovers, and I do mean any. Got some pork? chicken? left over hamburger? Make some fried rice! After years of struggling to replicate her recipe I finally figured it out!  I don’t know if your mom is the same, but my mom has NO IDEA how much of anything is in there. So if I say “Mom, how much soy sauce do you put in for 1lb of bulgogi, she will look at me and say “if you add too much, just add more sugar.” OOOH OK! lol. I went to school for chemistry, I need specific measurements, at least as a starting point.

Alright, focus, back to the matter at hand. The other night we had some makeshift chinese food for dinner, rice, pork drenched in Aso sauce, and sauteed green beans. Since, there is only two of us (B isn’t quite there yet) we always have a ton of leftovers. There are two reasons for this, a.) It’s impossible to find recipes for two people. b.) I suck at figuring out how much we actually eat. This whole making dinner and being successful at it is new to me. When Ezrah and I first got together, I couldn’t make Mac & Cheese without screwing something up. I never had the patience for culinary in real life. In game, sure!…. Actually, I don’t have the patience for crafting in game either… oh well

So i took all the left overs, and put them in one big container in the fridge. Here is my fried rice secret #1: COLD RICE. At least 24 hours in the fridge, maybe even 2 days. This rice was in there for two days. I tried making rice, and throwing it in the freezer and making it that way, but I would not recommend it. It comes out mushy. Sometimes it still comes out mushy, it’s ok, it will still taste good. Just make a note for next time on what you did and how mushy it was, and try something else! I also recommend having a giant frypan/wok/type thing. I don’t because I’m poor, so I just used a giant pot instead. It gets the job done, but not as much as a frypan would, and I think it adds to the mushiness, however, it still can be done.!

Ok so enough talk, heres some step by step instructions. Perhaps I can stay on point that way.

Things you will need:


~Veggies (literally whatever you have will work, green beans, carrots, peas, what have you)

~Onion (I only use 1/4 of a good sized onion, Ez doesn’t like a lot of onion, and he’ll only eat it if it is soft, or else he thinks of eating dragonfly wings….idk)

~Garlic (I use minced from a jar, because it’s nice and convenient for me, I also use 2 tsp.)

~Meat (Optional, but use whatever left overs you have)

~Soy Sauce (some grocery stores have CJ Brand, which I like a lot better than Kikkoman, I think it has a richer flavor)

~Sesame Oil (Very potent, use sparingly)

~Rice Vinegar (Secret #2. It’s not completely essential, You can do without it, but this is what I was missing for so long! The smell is alot stronger than the taste)

Step 1: Chop all your onions, veggies and meat into bite sized pieces. The idea is to get them around the same size, so they cook around the same time. I find however the longer it takes me to chop things, the bigger the pieces get ><

Step 2: Over Medium to Medium High heat heat about 1-2 tbsp of Sesame oil in a frypan/wok/pot. Add the onion, garlic, veggies, and sautee them around for a while, until they start turning soft. If you want them softer, cook a little longer, more crunch, less cooking. You get the idea.

Step 3: Add optional meat. Heat that up for about 5 minutes, until everything is the consistency you like and nice and blended.

Step 4: Add COLD RICE. Every recipe I’ve looked at says to add 2 cups. I don’t know how much I usually have, but it all depends on your desired ratio. The way I see it, as long as you have some rice in there it counts ya? Anyway, give it a good stir around a couple times. Rice burns very fast, so make sure you keep a close eye on it.

Step 5: Add 2-3 tbsp Soy Sauce and 1 tbsp Rice Vinegar. No matter how much you have, this is a good start. Stir it all in there. If your rice doesn’t look brown enough for you, go ahead and add another tablespoon of soy sauce. I would be cautious on the rice vinegar, it can be really potent pretty fast, and I find pretty much no matter how much I am making, 1 tbsp seems to be enough.

Tada! You’ve just made Fried Rice! And you’ve learned a new culinary recipe! Congratulations!

Do you have a fried rice recipe you would like to share? Maybe some ideas from your own experiences? Please comment and let me know!

If there’s two things I like talking about, it’s gaming, and food.

p.s. I don’t have nice look food pr0n, because frankly, I’m not a photographer, If anybody would like to take pictures of their creations, I will add them!


My Female Gaming Role Models

My Female Gaming Role Models: Sniper Wolf

 I finally understand. I wasn’t waiting to kill people, I was waiting for someone to kill me. A man like you. You’re a hero.

My introduction into the Metal Gear franchise was none other than Metal Gear Solid for the Playstation and I became obsessed. I mean hook your Playstation up through your VCR and record yourself playing with all the cut scenes so you can watch it over and over and over again, obsessed. I loved the story, the tactical espionage, the tragic back story to all the characters, the conspiracy theories. I loved it all. Except for Meryl, I could have done without her. Still can. I can’t quite pinpoint what it was, but something about her just rubbed me the wrong way. I never really empathized with her, she more annoyed me then anything else.

Then there was Sniper Wolf. A tragic heroine in her own right. I always thought her and Snake should be together, walking off into the sunset. She develops a deep emotional attachment to her targets until either one of them is dead. Sorry Otacon, but I don’t know if you ever really had a chance. Her love for animals, specifically the huskies she takes care of, is so telling of her personality. I doubt she could have the same empathy for a human. Her ability to be alone, and still, for days, even weeks, fits her codename, along with her insane sniping skills. She will always hold a special place in my heart. I never really saw her as a villain. I always felt that she was going along with the motions to feel alive, waiting for her best match, waiting for the person that will end all her suffering. I wonder if she paved the way for the beauties in MGS4.

I believe Wolf is a strong female character. I never really looked at her as “sexy”, although I suppose her uniform is not very practical in the snowy fields. I know my bewbs would get cold. Perhaps that adds to her feeling of numbness from the world around her. There is no place in society for damaged people. After all she went through, joining Liquid makes sense. Being a sniper makes sense. Dying to the hands of Solid Snake makes sense. I feel she is using them for a purpose as much as they are using her for her skills. Her emotional attachments to her targets is a sad truth to her love and want of death. however, she only welcomes death at the hands of someone skilled enough to actually take her down, not wallowing on her existence waiting for someone to take her out.

Sniper Wolf’s romantic last battle, and tragic ending, will never ever leave my gaming heart. Even with new games and new characters, Sniper Wolf stands out above all others.