so much for that goal

Well due to unforseen circumstances, I am without home internet. I will be back as soon as I am able!


Solid foods for kids (warning: there’s poop in this post)

I promised myself I would blog everyday. I have nothing for today, except this. Whoever had the bright idea to start feeding kids real food, thank you. (Sarcasm) I had absolutely no problem with changing diapers or poop from an infant until this morning.
I don’t know why i never made the connection before. Feeding a child real food means sending a child into the stages of producing real poop. I already miss Exclusively Breastfed Poop. However, I cannot undo what I have done. Nobody prepared me for this. For those unsure about starting solids…Hold of as long as you can!

That is all


Talking about your kids. Impossible?

I woke up and realized that I had become the parent that “brags” about their kid.

As a non-parent, this was the worst kind of parent. As a parent, you realize it is something that cannot be helped.

Don’t get me wrong, my intentions are to never brag. I feel that intention, sometimes, gets lost in context when having a conversation with someone. You know the type of people that hear whatever it is they want to hear, instead of the actual words you are using?

How do you talk about your kids without seeming like a braggart?

Is it even possible?

The Hubby and I were talking about this yesterday. We have been blessed with a very intelligent little boy, as many people have. To be honest, I don’t know if its more stubbornness than intelligence, but I guess only time will tell. He is 6 months old, has 7 teeth, and according to the doctor is exhibiting 9 month old milestones. I wouldn’t know, since he is our first and only, at this time.

When people ask me about him, I tell them what he’s up to.

I tell them, even when they don’t.

I figure nobody wants to hear about the new comic I’m reading, or how I’m trying to play through all the Metal Gears in chronological order according to the story, or how excited I am about Final Fantasy XIV…so I talk about my child.

Perhaps it is because I am so impressed with him, that I cannot help but express that impression to others. This little being that we created and nourished with my own body, is able to do things a person does. It’s definitely a high inducing feeling.  I think that even if he wasn’t advancing as much as he is, that it would still be the same.

I try to be more conscience of it. But then I wonder if that is the thing to do. I blame B for being so gosh darned cute!^^