Locke & Key

I picked up Locke & Key, by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, after reading The Cape. You can read my review here.

Let me start by saying, I like trades. I know there are people that are against trades, and people against people only buying trades. When I talk about book, I’m talking about the trade. Perhaps this changes your opinion of me and we can no longer be friends, but hear me out. I’m impatient, I lose things, and spending money on trades is bad enough for me. You can buy single issues, and I’ll buy trades and we will be one happy comic family ok? ok. Let’s continue.

The art:

I will admit when I first opened my first Locke & Key, I was a little put off by the art. Not as put off as I was with The Walking Dead, but I think I have an issue with people. Drawn people. I’m blaming it on Hellboy and Mouseguard being my first real comic experiences. (I don’t count V for Vendetta and Watchmen. To me, those are more novels with pictures. Very good works though.) People have a tendency to be either too cartoony, or not cartoony enough. I was extremely impressed and sucked in immediately by his amazing talent for backgrounds and perspective however. The balance of detail was very impressive. Like I said, I have an issue with people. Towards the end of the first book, I loved the people. I appreciated the thought that must have been put into them. Ty, Kinsey, and Bode are amazing. They are similar enough to be siblings, but still different enough. Overall, I was very impressed by his talent. It has been a joy and a privilege to take this journey with him.

The story:

Due to tragic events, Ty, Kinsey, and Bode find themselves living in a house that their father grew up in, with keys that do wonderfully magical and terrifying things. Unlocking the secrets of this house, while fighting off the evil in search of it’s own keys, is an amazing journey that is told extremely well. I don’t like getting too much into detail, since I don’t want to spoil anything for anybody. The writing is very realistic as to kids moving to a Massachusetts town, and I can appreciate the sibling rivalry thrown in as well. I went into Locke & Key being a skeptic, and as soon as I read the last word bubble on the last page, I sent my fiance to buy the next one.

Again, like The Cape, Locke & Key does have some mature adult themes and violence, however, unlike The Cape, it’s not overwhelmingly so. In fact, my roommate didn’t realize any of the sexual innuendos… although I’m not quite sure what to make of that…He also didn’t like it very much…

If you are looking for an interestingly magical adventure, I would highly recommend Locke&Key!


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