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It’s been a while…

Hello! I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post. So many things have been happening in the geek world and in the real world that it’s been a daunting task keeping it up with it all! As you probably suspected, my life has been taken up with the lastest addition to the zombie horror family, The Last of Us. I won’t go into how incredibly awesome this game is because everybody else that has touched it already has. I will say that it is everything I had hoped for it to be and much much more. If you haven’t picked up a copy, or if you don’t have a PS3, just do it.. It’s worth it. Borrow one if you have to even.

In other exciting news, Boston Comic Con is looking to be amazingly epic! I am most excited about Mike Mignola, David Petersen, Joe Hill, and Gabriel Rodriguez! I don’t know how they have a venue big enough to hold that much awesome! I don’t know if I have a bag big enough to bring everything I want signed! *insert fangirl moment here* Did I mention this is my first comic convention ever? I imagine some Depends are in order, since I can guarantee I will probably pee myself at least once. (By the way, there are talks of a Locke & Key movie, so if you’re one of those “I read the comics first” people, get to it.)

As for my little B, we are 5 months into breastfeeding and loving every moment of it! He, however, has been miserable with life, since he’s teething like it’s his job (which I geuss it is) and has sprouted 4 in the past 2 months. He’s a champ.

In other, other news: due to recent events, we have decided that it would be the best decision for me to cutting back my hours at work, thus stepping down from my management position. This is a bittersweet moment for me, but it does mean there is more blogging in my future! (not sure yet if that is good or bad…..) So look for more reviews and whatnot coming soon, since I imagine I will have slightly more time on my hands.^^




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