Going Chewie: Our accidental journey into Attachment/Scientific Parenting Part 1

Our journey as parents started as many others, peeing on a stick. Once you pee on that stick, you can’t unpee… The Twelve must have decided it was time for us to undergo our greatest adventure yet… Parenthood. Our entire world changed. Things that seemed important were no longer so. Things that seemed fun and made sense, were now time sinks and illogical. Except for my sudden habit of leaving empty bowls in freezers.. at work and at home.. That was just ridiculous….

Once you find out your pregnant, everybody and their mother is suddenly a parenting expert. Everybody knows the “right”way to parenting happiness. The one thing that they tell you that is true across the board… You have no idea what it’s like until it happens.. and even then, it will all change again, and again, and again. Someone can explain pregnancy to you in such a detailed and amazing way that you will think you understand exactly what it entails. Your pregnancy will be the complete opposite. They will tell you their birth story. Yours will be absolutely nothing like it. (except for the case of my best friend and I, for some reason, I channeled her when B was being born and our birth stories are near identical…..) When we were pregnant, we knew, as many new parents do at that stage, exactly how we were going to parent. I was not going to breastfeed, he would sleep in a crib in our room, etc. 

During my pregnant journey, my decisions and my reasons changed many times. I am so thankful for this amazing invention known as the internet. It has helped us in our parenting journey in so many ways, it’s another one of those, what did we do before? I can see how parenting styles and thoughts on parenting are very “this is the right way”. Before this vast amount of information could be attained by anybody, all you had to rely on was word of mouth. Now you are free to make your own parenting decisions as you see fit and find the people to support you in whatever you choose!^^

I’m not sure if we can be labeled as “Attachment Parents” or any kind for that matter. Once we had little B out in the real world, we felt this whole new wave of what we could only describe as instinct. Our first night home was horrible. We were told not to bring B into bed with us. We were told to keep him someplace “safe”. We didn’t sleep at all that night. Or the next night. Or the next. When B was about a month old, we realized that he slept the most when I would fall asleep nursing him, when he was sleeping with me. 

That is when we first consulted the internet on our journey as a tool to guide us. What we found was other parents, like us, that had come to the same conclusion, and the reassurance that putting him in bed with us was not an automatic ticket to SIDS. In fact, what we learned was our instinct was correct. (Thank you Dr. Sears.) The first night, we were more nervous than anything else. What if we do squish him? What is he rolls off? What if? What if? 

What if we actually got more sleep than we have had since becoming parents?

What if our instincts are more informative than what you’re “supposed” to do as a parent?

The more research we’ve done, the more we’ve found that to be true. People have been parenting long since the dawn of time. Before doctors, before cribs, before strollers, before technology. Looking around us, I would say that the human race has successfully been able to flourish. How is it that with time, the basic human biology of reproducing has become so hard? Why do we put these unnecessary demands on new parents? I’m not saying that our way is the “right” way. Everybody has a slightly different parenting style, or instincts based on their own upbringing and whatnot.

Follow your instincts, and if you question them, do some research. You will probably find that your way is what is best for you and your family!^^


If you would like some information on co-sleeping, and the like, please do not hesitate to ask! I love sharing information with parents new and old, and talking about our experiences! I will not, however, try and convince you that my way is the right way, and I ask that you do the same. I will share information that i have if it is asked for. Every parent loves their child the best way they know how, regardless of their parenting ways.  (We are just beginning our journey and are in no way “experts” on anything)



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It’s been a while…

Hello! I’m sorry it’s been so long since my last post. So many things have been happening in the geek world and in the real world that it’s been a daunting task keeping it up with it all! As you probably suspected, my life has been taken up with the lastest addition to the zombie horror family, The Last of Us. I won’t go into how incredibly awesome this game is because everybody else that has touched it already has. I will say that it is everything I had hoped for it to be and much much more. If you haven’t picked up a copy, or if you don’t have a PS3, just do it.. It’s worth it. Borrow one if you have to even.

In other exciting news, Boston Comic Con is looking to be amazingly epic! I am most excited about Mike Mignola, David Petersen, Joe Hill, and Gabriel Rodriguez! I don’t know how they have a venue big enough to hold that much awesome! I don’t know if I have a bag big enough to bring everything I want signed! *insert fangirl moment here* Did I mention this is my first comic convention ever? I imagine some Depends are in order, since I can guarantee I will probably pee myself at least once. (By the way, there are talks of a Locke & Key movie, so if you’re one of those “I read the comics first” people, get to it.)

As for my little B, we are 5 months into breastfeeding and loving every moment of it! He, however, has been miserable with life, since he’s teething like it’s his job (which I geuss it is) and has sprouted 4 in the past 2 months. He’s a champ.

In other, other news: due to recent events, we have decided that it would be the best decision for me to cutting back my hours at work, thus stepping down from my management position. This is a bittersweet moment for me, but it does mean there is more blogging in my future! (not sure yet if that is good or bad…..) So look for more reviews and whatnot coming soon, since I imagine I will have slightly more time on my hands.^^