You know you’re a parent when…..

You are on a date night, because mother in law is watching your baby so you can go see Star Trek.. And all the two of you are thinking is how much you could be getting done at home instead…..


Do your own research!!

*hops on soap box*

There is a study going around in the media saying that Bed-sharing increases the risk of SIDS fivefold. (You can read an article here. this also will link you to the original study)

I am not going to use this blog to preach my beliefs, however I will say this: Please, please, please, do you’re own research and question everything you’re told without proper background information or citations. (A very good article in the subject can be read here.)

Regardless of what you believe is the best choice for you’re family, make sure you are well informed of all the facts. That is all.

*hops off soap box*


The Cape

Hello boys and girls! I just finished reading Joe Hill’s The Cape, which I found to be a very interesting experience. It is suggested for mature audiences, so if violence and nudity aren’t your thing then I would stay away from this one. However, for those that are looking for an interesting twist on a “superhero” comic, this is definitely a must.

The story is based on a short story written by Joe Hill. In fact, next on my reading list is Locke & Key which is also Joe Hill. I find the story refreshing. The Cape is about a “failed to thrive” man who has a cape that he uses to be able to fly. Instead of using his powers for the good of mankind, he exacts revenge on those who he feels have betrayed him. The eerie thing about the main character, Eric, is he could be anybody. I found myself empathizing for him as much as those victim to him, probably since he does remind me of some people that I know.

I feel that the uniqueness of the comic book medium is the storytelling. As a comic, I found The Cape an easy to follow read. Let me elaborate….
Have you ever read a comic book, and you’re chugging along, and then you read a word balloon that seems a little off? I know when I was reading The Walking Dead there were a couple word balloons that drew my eye before their time. I didn’t find such things with The Cape. Your eye followed the page exactly the way it was meant to, which is one of the amazing things about comics.

I really enjoyed the art. The throwback to old school style was a very nice touch, and the detail in the panels was amazing. There is such a thing as too much detail, but The Cape had a very nice balance. I wasn’t over whelmed, or under whelmed… Perhaps just nicely whelmed.

If you are looking for something refreshing and almost psychotic to read, check out Joe Hill’s The Cape!

just an fyi: I bought The Cape. I read it. I wrote about it. All opinions are my own and what not..