Oh hi!

So how do you start a blog? Apparently, you go to wordpress.com, answer some questions, and realize you can amaturely blog from your iPad. Beleive me, being able to do anything, while sitting in your mom chair, is amazing and spectacular to me since that is where i spend a majority of my time.

Why did i start this blog?

Well, because i feel that i do not already have enough to do. Just kidding! Actually there are many reasons I have been wanting to start a blog.

#1.) i like mom blogs.
They were my saving grace on maternity leave (which ended yesterday *sad face*). However, I could never find THE mom blog. You know, the one you read that feels like it is just for you. I don’t think it exists. I don’t think I can make one either, but perhaps I can try.

Here’s the deal: i only have one 3 month old, we rent a one bedroom apartment, and I never really learned how to cook until i started living with the absolute love of my life, my son. How have I survived this long? Ramen noodles, and the amazing man of my dreams. I just have a regular size fridge, and i am NOT creative… As i said, i’ll try.

#2.) i love being a mom.
Now granted i have ONE child, and he’s 3 months old, but being a mom is being a mom. i would like to talk about the wonderful experience of momhood as it is growing. I cannot wait to see what adventures our new little family will have as it grows.

#3.) Perhaps I can help someone the way my favorite mom blogs helped me, by being an example, hopefully a good one, and show someone else something awesome i found, or share a struggle with them.

So, welcome! And thatnk you for joining me!